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Gorgeous moment

The ZiL Reiwa Edition is based on the finest Japanese camper and offers a comfortable and luxurious space equipped with conceivable options in commemoration of Reiwa. A very valuable model. It is a super luxurious limited edition vehicle that lives up to the ZiL name based on gentle wood grain.

Even if you have traveled on a camping car trip once, we recommend traveling with a ZiL limited vehicle. I am sure you will be satisfied with the vehicle.


Base car Camroad Toyota
Model year 2020
Fuel Diesel
Displacement 2,980cc
Drive system Four-wheel drive
Transmission Automatic Transmission
Capacity Driving Capacity 6 people
Sleeping capacity 5 people
Pet Not allowed
Smoking Not allowed (including electronic cigarette)
Vehicle size Total length 5,250mm
Width 2,110mm
Height 3,000mm
Bed Size Bank Bed (2 persons) 1,880mm × 1,860mm
Center bed (3 person) 1,800mm × 1,880mm
  • If you wish to bring your skis and snowboards during the winter season, all luggage will be put inside the car, so the maximum capacity is 3 to 4 people.


Car heating and cooling
FF heater
Car Rear Side heating and cooling ×
Air conditioner (recommended when using an external power supply)
GPS Car navigation system (available in 4 languages)
Back eye camera
ETC (Hokkaido Expresswaypass available)
AC100 volts power supply (recommended when using an external power supply)
Gas stove
Outside cassette gas stove
Bathroom (please refrain from using shower & toilet) ×
Large table with drink holder
Shower (please refrain from using it) ×
Side awning (please refrain from using it) ×
Seat belt
Tissues, wet tissues, trash bags
USB socket for mobile smartphone charging
Child car seat (on request)
  • It is No water the winter period from November to April to prevent freezing. Please note that you cannot use the bathroom etc.