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Have the most luxury time…

Cresson Voyage has a permanent bunkbeds specification. It can be used like a hotel, where 4 people can sleep immediately without any preparation. A multi-room is also permanently installed, so large luggage can be loaded. Since it is equipped with "EVOLITE", you can use the air conditioner comfortably without worrying about the battery level.


Base car Camroad Toyota
Model year 2019
Fuel Diesel
Displacement 2,980cc
Drive system Four-wheel drive
Transmission Automatic Transmission
Capacity Driving Capacity 7people
Sleeping capacity 6people
Pet Not allowed
Smoking Not allowed (including electronic cigarette)
Vehicle size Total length 4,990mm
Width 2,070mm
Height 2,910mm
Bed Size Bank Bed(for 3 persons) 1,740mm × 1,870mm
Center bed(for 1 persons) 1,920mm × 900mm
Rear Bunk bed(for 2 persons)
  • If you wish to bring your skis and snowboards during the winter season, all luggage will be put inside the car, so the maximum capacity is 3 to 4 people.


Car heating and cooling
FF heater
Car Rear Side heating and cooling×
Air conditioner(recommended when using an external power supply)
GPS Car navigation system (available in 4 languages)
Back eye camera
ETC (Hokkaido Expresswaypass available)
AC100 volts power supply(recommended when using an external power supply)
Gas stove×
Outside cassette gas stove
Bathroom (Shower & Toilet)×
Large table with drink holder
Shower (hot water available)×
Side awning (please refrain from using it)×
Seat belt
Tissues, wet tissues, trash bags
USB socket for mobile smartphone charging
Child car seat (on request)
  • It is No water the winter period from November to April to prevent freezing. Please note that you cannot use the bathroom etc.