ureska campingcar rental


Have the most blissful time…

ZiL520 offers a comfortable and luxurious space beyond that of a campervan. This is a top-grade made-in-Japan campervan with a wood grain of mild shades and fully equipped bathrooms and showers. Equipped with an LED stop lamp and a rear-view camera, you can enjoy a safe and comfortable trip.



Have the most luxury time…

The Cresson Voyage has a double bed that boasts an overwhelming rear area. It is good to occupy a spacious space by yourself, or to spend time with only a couple as a couple.



Drive and travel with your dog

CORDE RUNDY is a campervan designed for drivers to travel with their pet dogs. Many of you may have seen dogs traveling on a campervan and had dreams about going on a trip with your own dog. With CORDE RUNDY, you can go on your dream trip without buying a van! Enjoy your campervan trip to go wherever it pleases you to go with your beloved dog!



Ready and easy

HIACE is a simple camping van.It is perfect for couples who want to go on a long trip while sleeping in the car or a tent at night.Because it is not a proper campervan, the cost is set cheaply.