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Van for creators sent by the producer of "Car Danchi"

Neil Hartmann who produced a group "Car Danchi" where they can enjoy traveling while staying in the Van. When We requested the production of Hiace, it was packed with functions that would please creators. Like other Hiace, it is not a complete camper, so the cost is set cheaply. It is recommended for customers who want to travel Hokkaido while staying in a Van while staying in a tent in the summer, and for customers who want to continue their winter skiing and snowboarding trips while renting a cottage or staying at a guest house.

Below is a message from producer Neil Hartman.


Welcome to the “Studio Camper” a new style of Hokkaido traveling experience. This camper van was designed and created by a team of three. Neil Hartmann resident of Hokkaido since 1991 and creator of the Car Danchi snowboard movie series. Ohtani Kousuke founder of the Kolonihave store and skate park in Higashikawa and Mutaguchi Hikari founder of Whitelight one of Japan’s most talked about audio production companies and creator of the “Cube” speaker seen in THE NORTH FACE and Blue Bottle coffee shops around Japan.

The main concept of the van was to create a mobile studio with a long desk adaptable to both work and play. Mounted on the desk are two custom-designed and built speakers created by Whitelight. High-quality sound to suit any location and functional storage space below the speaker meant for guidebooks and other personal items are included. We imagined travelers being inspired by the view outside the van's panorama windows and hope to enhance that inspiration with the music perfectly balanced for the mobile space.

Kousuke brought his unique carpentry skills and design touches to the project. His color choices and practical sense of combining wood and metal for an industrial feel give the van the vibe of a New York loft-style apartment or maybe a remodeled Swiss mountain cabin. Cool grey tones and rich cobalt blue match perfectly with Hokkaido’s seasons.

Working with both Kousuke and Hiraki, Neil was able to combine his love of snowboarding, music, and creative arts with the mobile travel lifestyle. If you are looking for a unique travel experience and you want to spend some time off the grid creating your own personal art, this is the perfect vehicle for you. Bring your computer, your paint, and pencils, or maybe even a musical instrument, we are sure you will find an inspired lifestyle inside this van!


Base car HIACE(REGIUS ACE) Toyota
Model year 2001
Fuel Diesel
Displacement 2,980cc
Drive system Four-wheel drive
Transmission Automatic Transmission
Capacity Seating Capacity 2 people
Sleeping Capacity 2 people
Pet Allowed
Smoking Not allowed (including electronic cigarette)
Vehicle size Total length 4,950mm
Width 1,690mm
Hieght 1,990mm
Bed Size bed(2 people) 1,900mm × 1,100mm


Car heating and cooling
FF heater
Car Rear Side heating and cooling
Air conditioner(recommended when using an external power supply)×
GPS Car navigation system
Back camera
ETC (Hokkaido Expresswaypass available)
AC100 volts power supply (Max300W)
Gas stove×
Outside cassette gas stove
Seat belt
Tissues, wet tissues, trash bags
USB socket for mobile smartphone charging
Child car seat(on request)