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Unforgettable experience in Hokkaido

The Ainu are a group of indigenous people inhabiting in Hokkaido area.
language, “Prika Ureska” means “fulfilling life”.
The word “ureska” is constructed from two different words;
“u” meaning “each other” and “reska” meaning “grow”.

(What the Ainu people mean by “fulfilling life”
could be different from what it is in our modern society where we value materialistic life.)
In order to survive the harsh environment of Hokkaido,
they value helping each other more than anything else and that makes their life “fulfilling”.
Our company “Ureska” is based in the city of Asahikawa where we provide campervan rental service.
Through this service, we hope to help our customers to enjoy the rich nature of
Hokkaido and make unforgettable memories.

  • Deer antler

    Symbol of Hokkaido
    Each other (two symmetrical corners)
    Growth, nurture (just like how deer antlers grow)

  • Traditional Ainu patterns

    Respect to the ancestors

  • Circle

    Fulfilling life Friends Tie Wheel


Have a satisfying trip with us

What makes a trip satisfying? Surely you will come across different thoughts and ideas when you ask yourself this question. Driving comfortably and safely? Check. Good time with your company? Check. Encountering interesting ones and good food? Check. New experiences and scenic places? Check. You may encounter unexpected events; but all of these make a trip memorable and special! Our team at Ureska promise to give our best to make your journey a fulfilling one!

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Being Comfortable

Campervan is not quite the same as a regular car. We see it as a “room” (that can move). If the campervan you rent was dirty, how sad would that be! With the supervision from our professional cleaning team, we try our best together with our staffs to keep our campervans clean at all times.

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Safety and Security

We believe that the longer you travel in a campervan, the more experience you get out of it. Once you start your journey, you are going to be travelling and living in the same campervan for a long time. Therefore, we perform a legal inspection every three months, and perform a thorough pre-departure inspection every time before a journey starts. In addition, we provide 24 hours support in case of trouble. Please be assured and enjoy your trip!

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We believe that any campervan journey should be special! We want you to enjoy the rich nature of Hokkaido. For every experience and meal, we cooperate with various professionals who can offer specialty of Hokkaido that can only be found here. Enjoy your trip to the fullest with us!

Founder’s Profile

daisuke yamaoka

Daisuke Yamaoka

Date of Birth
October 16, 1981
Asahikawa City, Hokkaido ,Japan
2002: Graduated from Asahikawa National College of Technology
2004: Graduated from Muroran Institute of Technology
2004-2016: Worked as an engineer at a major telecommunications company
2016-2018: Established a camper rental company (Sapporo city)
2019 – present: Works for Ureska (Asahikawa City)
camping, climbing, skiing, driving
Favorite food

Growing up with a self-employed father who was always busy, I always envied my friends who could go on family trips on weekends. “If you want to go and play, go play on your own!” As my parents always told me, my brother and I used to visit my grandfather’s farmhouse which was 10km away with our bicycles. Even after that, I always enjoyed planning and going on little trips to many different parts of Hokkaido by bicycle, motorbike and car. After graduating from school, I worked at a major telecommunication company where I thrived on creating a more convenient world with better system. However, as I traveled back to Hokkaido from Tokyo every time, I gradually came to the realization that this “inconvenience” of Hokkaido is what makes it original and interesting. This made me start to wonder if there would be anything that I could contribute to Hokkaido through what I love: cars and camping! As a result, I founded a campervan rental company in July 2016 as a side job and became fully involved with the business in December of the same year. Through working for a campervan rental company, not only did I want to lend campervans, but also wanted to help customers to enjoy Hokkaido to the fullest. I founded Ureska in March 2019 and since then, I have been enjoying helping our customers have fun travelling in our campervan.

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